Mutsamudu Citadel – Anjouan, Comoro Islands

This project involved the regeneration of a ruined citadel to create a community arts space. A ‘platform’ type structure was proposed for the site so as to exhibit the unique environment that can be seen from this vantage point. The project as a whole will create a space within the town to showcase local handicrafts and plants and provide a space for social events on the island.

This space is designed to be flexible so that during tourist season it can be appropriated for different functions. During the day it can be used as a place for relaxing, eating and enjoying the panoramic views of Anjouan and the sea. In the evening the space can be used as a social space/ meeting place within the town. The space can also be used by the local community as a function hall in the town.

The proposed programme for the project includes a shop selling local Comorian handicrafts, a café area and a viewing platform located above the existing reception space of the citadel. Visitors can also access the roof of the citadel, from where spectacular panoramic views of the sea juxtaposed with the mountains of Mutsamudu can be seen.

Planting is an integral part of the proposal with several areas within the citadel boundary dedicated to showcasing the variety of native and imported plants and spices available on the island. A raised garden area is proposed for the space next to the proposed café and at the lower north part of the site visitors can experience larger trees and plants.

This proposal can also be phased so that over time the project can develop. Revenue made from renting the space and visitors to the site will contribute to the upkeep of the citadel.

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