Stable Street, King's Cross NC1

Studio P were commissioned to produce the detailed design for the interior fit-out for a new 5,000ft² 18montrose flagship London Store, working in close collaboration with the client, Fourmarketing. The scheme was conceived as a flexible gallery space and incorporates over 140 large format digital displays, signage and bespoke furniture to help deliver a store that offers the best in contemporary fashion, footwear and accessories in a unique event space.

A purposefully dark atmosphere allows for the manipulation of the environment, transforming seamlessly from retail store to events space by the arrangement of light, colour, rhythm, organisation and function.

The monochrome, standardised storage containers serve to accentuate the qualities of the space and act as monumental back drops of neutral white. In the space the visitor meets an environment that is functional and dedicated to a formal process, ensuring the concept transcends the borders between fashion store, gallery and visual art.

The space will be divided into three zones, each will use distinctive display materials. These different materials correspond with the lighting and the visual backdrop, the moving images interact between the surfaces, influencing the visitor’s perception of the finely tuned rhythm of opaque, transparent, and reflective surfaces. 

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